We’re off on a bear hunt!

A nationwide teddy bear hunt is helping keep New Zealand’s children occupied during the country’s month-long coronavirus lockdown, with tens of thousands of homes taking part, including the prime minister.

NOW.. the bear hunt has gone global…

BUT There’s some new teddy bears in town.. People have taken the bear hunt to new levels. 

Here are some of my favourites..

I call this ‘show your bears off in your front yard doing what you should be doing.’

This couple in UK, have their Beary friends Ted and Ed doing chores. They even welcome suggestions but they don’t promise anything! 

‘Ted overload

This dude in Wellington, New Zealand put over 100 + bears on display in his front yard.. in my opinion looks like 1000. 


‘A different teddy’

One woman misunderstood her husband and put her lingerie teddy on display. 


Taranaki farmers show the farming community how its done. 

Farmer Bruce Nickel made a Teddy out of hay bales.  This led to a few other farmers following suit. 

Taranaki farmers
Source: Federated Farmers Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/153539722208/posts/10157941229927209/

Another Taranaki farmer made a cow with hay bales and dressed it up in St Patrick’s attire. 

Haybale cow