You love YouTube but don’t know what to watch

If you’ve got time to kill on Youtube 

A bliss 30 minute video which makes you feel like you’re in Italy with Andre Bocelli. 

But before you watch the next one, Spinoff summed it up lol


8 hours of musicians for #oneworldtogetherathome the relief ad concert for the World Health organization. 

3 hours of the live stage shows 

This YouTube account has done Phantom of the Opera and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat


Direct from your bed to the runway to Instagram.

The new #stayathome fashion fare, appears to be strapping a pillow onto yourself with a belt, with the hashtag #quarantinepillowchallenge.

The common trend is to have a minimal background or fun background and have some fun!

But before you ask where did this all begin, It may have started with old Victor & Rolf couture which has been doing the rounds on the meme circuit online..


Here are some of my favourites, 

Chic favourites..

Very chic


The red pillow with red shoes in an old villa 


Matching eye mask and pillow case..


A sparkly number 


And the funny ones

This dude made me laugh


Very arty


Yusss! You got sass!


When scrolling through its a big hit in Russia and USA.. wonder when its coming to New Zealand?