Instagram has introduced safety features for young ones

Instagram is introducing new policies limiting interactions between teenagers and adults to make its platform safer for young users. The app has banned adults from direct messaging teenagers who don’t follow them and is introducing “safety prompts” that will be shown to teens when they DM adults who have been “exhibiting potentially suspicious behavior.” Safety prompts will […]

Instagram Plans to Launch Multi-Participant Live-Streams Later This Month

Instagram will soon enable users to go live with up to three people at a time on a single stream.


Facebook is making some swish changes to enhance their live experience on not only Facebook but Instagram as well. For Facebook the features are as follows, Facebook ‘Live With’ is back (the ability to bring a guest on via mobile); this feature was there in the past and for some odd reason Facebook quietly removed […]

Direct from your bed to the runway to Instagram.

The new #stayathome fashion fare, appears to be strapping a pillow onto yourself with a belt, with the hashtag #quarantinepillowchallenge. The common trend is to have a minimal background or fun background and have some fun! But before you ask where did this all begin, It may have started with old Victor & Rolf couture […]