The do’s and don’ts when voting

Voting can be a great time to vent your opinions and frustration on social media.

But theres essentially things you can and can’t do. Do you know the do’s and dont’s?

Some key election rules are from elections.nz

You can’t influence voters

Don’t influence voters or tell them to vote or not vote for a candidate, party or referendum option in the Cannabis and End of Life Choice Act referendums.

This rule applies to websites and social media

Don’t post anything to social media or a website on election day that could influence voters. Also make sure your profile pictures on social media don’t include anything that could influence voters.

You may only keep existing election or referendum material up on a website or social media if all the following apply.

  • You don’t update it on election day
  • It’s only available to people who choose to access it
  • The site isn’t advertised

You can’t film or take photos in voting places

Don’t film or take photos of voting papers or of people as they vote, or in a way that disrupts voting. Candidates or promoters can be filmed voting if they have arranged it earlier with the returning officer.

If you want to be a bad cop, you can report people here.