Still using Zoom? This video may help

Zoom may be making a more of a bold appearance soon in living rooms, heaven forbid… Here is a cool video which I recommend you watch.

You love YouTube but don’t know what to watch

If you’ve got time to kill on Youtube  A bliss 30 minute video which makes you feel like you’re in Italy with Andre Bocelli.  But before you watch the next one, Spinoff summed it up lol 8 hours of musicians for #oneworldtogetherathome the relief ad concert for the World Health organization.  3 hours of the […]

Discover your why before you send a Covid-19 email

You’ll have had the following kind of email by now.  “Hello ___insert your name here_______ ,  During these unprecedented times, we’d like you to know that no matter what happens, we’re ready to sell you more stuff. Coronavirus presents us with an opportunity to contact you, so we’re taking advantage of it. You probably only ever […]

We’re off on a bear hunt!

A nationwide teddy bear hunt is helping keep New Zealand’s children occupied during the country’s month-long coronavirus lockdown, with tens of thousands of homes taking part, including the prime minister. NOW.. the bear hunt has gone global… BUT There’s some new teddy bears in town.. People have taken the bear hunt to new levels.  Here […]