Changes coming to Facebook

 Facebook just announced the New Pages Experience today. And, it’s time to say bye-bye to LIKES!! 

There has long been confusion around having both LIKES and FOLLOWS on our business Pages. So, thankfully, Facebook is finally making it more clear.

As you may know, a person could like your Page, BUT choose to unfollow it.  Which means that person would not see your content at all in their feed. A follower is much more likely to see your content in their feed.

Follower count has long been a better ‘signal,’ as Facebook calls it, of the total number of people who would like to see your Page’s posts in their feed. (Alas, organic reach is so low these days that only a small percent of followers actually see Page posts, anyway).

Switching to the New Pages Experience is optional (for now), and is only available to some pages, so far.

Find out more here:https://www.facebook.com/business/help/NewPageExperience/

As and when you do choose to make the switch, here are a couple of important clarifications.

 WHAT HAPPENS TO PAGE LIKES WHEN YOU SWITCH TO THE NEW PAGES EXPERIENCE? If someone likes and follows your classic Page, they will continue to be a follower for the new Page and added to your total follower count. If someone likes your classic Page, but does not follow it, they will not transfer to your new Page as a follower. If someone follows your classic Page, but does not choose to like it, they will still transfer to your new Page as a follower. Page likes will not be supported on your new Page, and Page like count will no longer be accessible. WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU SWITCH BACK TO CLASSIC PAGE? If you switch back to a classic Page from a new Page, your followers will remain the same. If you switch back to a classic Page from a new Page, you will still have all the likes from your classic Page, unless they unfollowed your new Page.

 Anyone that followed your new Page will be added to follows for your classic Page.

~~~Other features in the New Pages Experience include:✔︎ A redesigned layout that’s simpler and more intuitive (according to Facebook, haha!)✔︎ A dedicated News Feed (which is already there on Classic Pages, but this new feed is “to discover and join conversations, follow trends, interact with peers and engage with fans” … and, what’s the guesses we’ll start seeing ADS in this new News Feed sooner or later? Facebook has to keep creating new ad placements, eh!)✔︎ Easy navigation between personal profile and Pages✔︎ Updated admin controls for full control or partial access

See Facebook’s announcement post with full list of new features here:https://about.fb.com/…/introducing-the-new-page…/

I would recommend making the switch when you do get access.

[UPDATE: When you do get access to change to the New Pages Experience, consider making one or more posts first to announce to your audience that you’ll be making the switch and encourage them to FOLLOW your Page if they haven’t already. Of course, mostly people who are already following your Page would see your post. But, it’s worth putting out the update. You might even consider a Sponsored Messages campaign to contact your Page Likes and just check in to ensure they Follow your Page before making the switch.]
ALS, I can FOLLOW personal profiles as my Page now. Pretty sure this is new, and may be part of the new (Pages) News Feed. Enabling Follow on your personal profile is optional.