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I often get asked for recommendations of WordPress plugins. I can never name off the top of my head a good decent amount of plugins. So I’ve finally sat myself down and made a conscious effort to deliver for you.

These wordpress plugins not only help you improve your customer/user experience but also enhance your back end experience with WordPress.

One thing I have left off is that, this website is built using Elementor, I wouldn’t say that it’s a plugin. BUT it does produce fine machinery for WordPress. As you can see on this website.. haha!

Here are my top 7 WordPress plugins

Woocommerce is the shopping cart for WordPress..

1. All in One SEO by All in One

All in One SEO  is so underrated. I have used this wordpress plugin for 5 years now. I love how this plugin specifically tells you what is missing from articles, pages and even woocommerce products to improve your SEO ranking. Even better you can do a competitor analysis against your competitors.

2. WP Activity Log by WP White Security

If you have numerous people on your WordPress website you need WP Activity log. This plugin gives you the availability to see what other users are doing on your website whether its front end or backend. There’s also a Woocommerce option as well!

3. Site Kit by Google

This is your all and one go to for Google. For this WordPress plugin, Google Site Kit allows you to see what your page speed insights are, hooks you into your google analytics. It’s literally a one stop shop..

4. Theme Customisations by WooThemes

Probably should be higher on my list.. Oops, if you ever want to make changes to your .php or css or cs. This WordPress plugin has saved me numerous times, instead of potentially wrecking your theme or plugins. You can use this fancy wee plugin. You must know coding though.

5. Disable/Remove Google Fonts by Fonts Plugin

Often we find Google fonts using a truck load of CPU on WordPress. Remove the issues by using this plugin as it will save your day.

6. Mailchimp for Woocommerce by Mailchimp

I love WordPress but I also love Mailchimp as an email marketing platform. This plugin allows you to sync your customers with their permission into your email marketing database if you use mailchimp.

7. WooCommerce Event Manager by MagePeople Team

If you manage events and want to manage your event ticketing. This is the way to go, it’s like having eventfinda on your website. To see the set up live check out this link here. I’ve never seen such a well laid out event plugin before and this beats eventfinda! 

To see my website work, head to this link here. Majority of these websites are done on WordPress.

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