Onions too sexy for Facebook

There are regular onions, and then there are onions too sexy for Facebook, a Canadian seed and garden supply store recently discovered.  The Seed Company by EW Gaze, in St John’s, Newfoundland, had wanted to post a seemingly innocent advert for Walla Walla onion seeds on Facebook.  But to their surprise, it was rejected for […]

No more CREEPS on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is strengthening its user protection. Recently it has added some new measures designed to better protect users from inappropriate comments and content, while it’s also updated its Professional Community Policies to better reflect member expectations of professionalism and respect in communications across the platform. First off, on individual content warnings and actions – from this week, LinkedIn members […]

The do’s and don’ts when voting

Voting can be a great time to vent your opinions and frustration on social media. But theres essentially things you can and can’t do. Do you know the do’s and dont’s? Some key election rules are from elections.nz You can’t influence voters Don’t influence voters or tell them to vote or not vote for a candidate, […]

No more skill sets

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